haiii, I'm Valentene.
24 years old, from Pennsylvania.

astronomy, biology, cats, cats, vegan/vegetarianism, herpetology, hiking, philosophy, cats, art (mostly photography), video gaming, reading, sci-fi, tattoos... and cats.
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^ not my hair, BUT

cutting my long hair off soon. Pretty sad about it, but pretty stoked that it’ll be so so much less work to do.

^ not my hair, BUT
cutting my long hair off soon. Pretty sad about it, but pretty stoked that it’ll be so so much less work to do.

i realized i’ll have lots of free time coming up…

so i’m gonna start craftin’.

  1. Make a wooden backgammon board (which I’m sure will be tricky as hell, but I dun care. I got tyme.)
  2. Learn how to make own fragrance oils & soy candles.
  3. Bottle cutting! I have so many engraved beer bottles that I want to cut to use as glasses and candle glasses.

Everything’s great but nothing’s alright.

I’ve been craving to decorate my own place ever since moving out with friends a couple years ago - but sharing the apartment with another girl meant that we had to agree on all the decor, and that peeved me to no end. Unrightfully so, because the apartment was hers, too, but I was KILLIN’ to do my own thing.

Now, I’m moving out in 2-3 months and have had a one-track mind in the way of decor. I can’t WAIT. Been obsessing over furniture and mirrors and wall colors and rugs, et cetera.

To the point! I found that a lot of websites that sold decor, would sell “vino” decor.. yakno, wine snobs. BUT I’M NO WINE SNOB. I’m better than that. ;) Beer snob, all the way. Naturally, I wanted to find some beer snob decor. Then in my internet travels I came across a a site called Beertone. They designed paint colors based on actual beers, and you can shoot them an e-mail with the name of your favorite beer so that they add it to their list of beer colors. Now, I’ve wanted wine red (yes, I realize the irony here) horribly. BUT. My favorite beer (a Belgian sour, Flemish red ale style) Duchesse de Bourgogne is a brown/reddish color… I could make that happen, and use wine red accents throughout decor!

Ohgod. Duchesse de Bourgogne walls.

I have a problem. Maybe.

had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted last thursday.


shit keeps bleeding everywhere and stitches are coming loose and my face looks like a chipmunk and it’s so swollen that i can’t help but chew the inside of one of my cheeks cause it’s just there and i can’t not and i just can’t wait for this to be over.

but as soon as it IS… time to get my gum seed tattoo!! still trying to nail down a location for it, but I have 3+ weeks to decide yet. I’m not doing it till my mouth is totally healed, ‘cause I’ve been super wimpy about the whole thing … ‘cause I hate dealing with mouth problems. mer.

also, yesterday morning it was 50F around 6 AM, and today it’s below zero with wind chill. WHAT IS HAPPENING?! i hope my car starts.

i may, or may not, be applying to be a suicide girl in the next week or two.

i have become helplessly addicted to

since I’ve been drinking only one cup of coffee a day, I’ve been in a PHENOMENALLY better mood. I still get caffeine headaches every couple days, but it’s so worth it. They’ll probably go away soon, anyways.

and feeling significantly less bipolar-like lately. So das cool, my meds AREN’T turning me into a bipolar-crazy-person, it was just the coffee!

I think it’ll work out better this time (cutting back on coffee) .. for two reasons.
1. this is the first time I’ve tried it while not working at a cafe.
2. I just forgot. Fuck.

I’ve been getting much better sleep, too, so maybe my memory will start to come back. It’s really frustrating not being able to remember anything. Makes me feel like an old lady. Also, I’ve noticed that when I drink or smoke… basically, partake in any kind of mind-alterer, I forget nearly everything. Which is frightening. and, if I fall asleep, it’s nearly impossible to wake me up. It’s not like a black-out, but it’s hard to describe… so.


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gggggggoood morning. IT IS FIVE AM.

I’m getting pretty used to it. Totally doesn’t even phase me anymore to get up at this hour.


in a pretty good mood today, been listening to all sorts of great trax that I wish I could bring with me on my drive to work, but alas, I dun have them fer keeps. mreh.